Dec 7, 2013

Jason and Miguel rebranding the new sound.

The current lineup for The Heartwicks this year has been without Tenessa on the bass and

keys.  This new sound felt like it needed a new start; a new identity that would represent

the merging of Miguel (from d3o) and Jason (The Heartwicks); thus the birth of:


ICB will be releasing their first single “Hard Land” on December 16.  All music, updates,

and social media links for this new project can be found at:

As for The Heartwicks, well this will continue on as a duo with Jason and Tenessa.  The

sound: well, you can expect a sound shaped by acoustic guitar, piano, harmonica, and

vocals...back to the basics...unplugged, because well, sometimes we all need to unplug.

Sept 17, 2013

The Heartwicks Booked In Blank-Fest Calgary

Nov 2 is the day to grab a blanket, and come on down to Studio 37.  Admission is free with

the donation of a blanket that will go to the homeless via the Mustard Seed. 

Aug 20, 2013

Rosebud Music Festival

The Heartwicks will be performing at one of Alberta’s best small town music festivals

“Rosebud Music Festival” in Rosebud Alberta.  Most people will be familiar with the

fantastic theatre in the artistic community, but for one day of the year music

reigns supreme.  Bring the family down Sept 1, 12:00 to 10:00 pm, you

won’t be disappointed!

See you there,


July 12, 2013

Rock For Recovery

The Heartwicks are pleased to invite you to a night of live music at Studio 37 on August 3.

All proceeds of this night “Rock For Recovery” will be donated to the Red Cross’s efforts

to help the communities affected by the flooding.  Please bring your 10.00 for admission,

and with every red cent going to flood relief, help us make this evening a night that will

impact the lives of the people who really need it. 



May 19, 2013

Ironwood Stage With The Kirby Sewell Band

Big thanks to the Kirby Sewell Band for bringing us into the Ironwood to warm up the

crowd for them.