Dec 7, 2013

Jason and Miguel rebranding the new sound.

The current lineup for The Heartwicks this year has been without Tenessa on the bass and

keys.  This new sound felt like it needed a new start; a new identity that would represent

the merging of Miguel (from d3o) and Jason (The Heartwicks); thus the birth of:


ICB will be releasing their first single “Hard Land” on December 16.  All music, updates,

and social media links for this new project can be found at:

As for The Heartwicks, well this will continue on as a duo with Jason and Tenessa.  The

sound: well, you can expect a sound shaped by acoustic guitar, piano, harmonica, and

vocals...back to the basics...unplugged, because well, sometimes we all need to unplug.

Sept 17, 2013

The Heartwicks Booked In Blank-Fest Calgary

Nov 2 is the day to grab a blanket, and come on down to Studio 37.  Admission is free with

the donation of a blanket that will go to the homeless via the Mustard Seed. 

Aug 20, 2013

Rosebud Music Festival

The Heartwicks will be performing at one of Alberta’s best small town music festivals

“Rosebud Music Festival” in Rosebud Alberta.  Most people will be familiar with the

fantastic theatre in the artistic community, but for one day of the year music

reigns supreme.  Bring the family down Sept 1, 12:00 to 10:00 pm, you

won’t be disappointed!

See you there,


July 12, 2013

Rock For Recovery

The Heartwicks are pleased to invite you to a night of live music at Studio 37 on August 3.

All proceeds of this night “Rock For Recovery” will be donated to the Red Cross’s efforts

to help the communities affected by the flooding.  Please bring your 10.00 for admission,

and with every red cent going to flood relief, help us make this evening a night that will

impact the lives of the people who really need it. 



April 9, 2013

The New Lineup Now Booking

The Heartwicks are a guitar driven rock band with a thundering vintage sound.  Both Jason

and Miguel have spent the better part of the last 18 years playing in various bands, and

have brought that experience to The Heartwicks.  The result is an explosive combination

of heavy blues guitar, relentless driving drums, and sweet cutting vocals.  Just when you

think you’ve got them pegged they break into a Pink Floyd esc swelling sound that is

dripping with vintage Fender and Marshall tone, this diversity allows the band to build a

show with crescendoing highs and pin drop lows that leave the audience hanging for


“If The White Stripes joined The Clash and David Bowie dove into the mix, you’d have

The Heartwicks.  Jason Hofer is the dynamic frontman with an original voice that lingers

in your mind.  His roaring riffs pull you out of your chair, and the thundering drums

amplify the retro cool vibe.”  Stephanie DeGraw “The Music Scene TV”

“The music we create is an anthem for love and death; the reality of each is our song”

~The Heartwicks

The Heartwicks are busy booking for the summer and fall, please contact us at:

to add your venue or town to our schedule!

March 12, 2013

On The Eve Of Change

The past 6 months have been a whirl wind for The Heartwicks.  We had a baby, moved out of

town, found a new drummer, and wrote 8 new songs.  The result can be seen in the amateur

video on our music page!  Check it out and stay tuned for upcoming shows.

The Heartwicks welcome Miguel into the band!

Oct 1, 2012

The Heartwicks Summer Highlight Video Is Out!!

I just finished up a highlight video from the tour, check out the audio page for a small sample of

what this summer was like!!  David Espinel has decided to pursue freelance drumming after the

completion of our tour, so it’s with heavy hearts we see him go, wish him the best, and start up

auditions for a drummer.  If you are interested or know somebody who would be a good fit fire

me an email!

Sept 13, 2012

                      The Heartwicks Black EP Tour Finishes Up In Edmonton Ab

The Tour’s over and we are back to ‘normal’ life.  Some things will be missed, like Steve, Steve,

Steph, and Jeremy from the Fortunate Isles, and their epic live performances!  Some things will

not be missed like sleeping in a Walmart parking lot in a small camper in 80 mph winds!! Big

thanks to everyone who helped to make this happen: Leanne and Rod Schellenberg, Fur Eel, The

Isles, David Espinel, Ray Banman, Rend, and my wife who couldn’t come along.  I’m going to

spend the next month writing and working on a scaled down performance set.  I will keep you

posted for that break out concert!!  I’m currently looking for a web designer to help me make an

online booking form, if you know someone, or could suggest someone, please give me a call.


Aug 22, 2012

                       The Heartwicks Black EP Tour To Kick Off This Thursday In Saskatoon Sk!

The eastern leg of The Heartwicks tour is kicking off this Thursday with The Fortunate Isles. 

The first show is set for Aug 23 at Vangelis on Broadway.  From there we’ll be headed south to

Regina for a show at O’Hanlon’s with Fur Eel and The Isles.  This leg of the tour we’re

performing as a duo composed of drums, guitar, and vocals.  I’m currently looking for a web

designer to help me make an online booking form, if you know someone, or could suggest

someone, please give me a call.  Thanks

July 1, 2012

                       The Heartwicks Chosen To Perform At Shake The Lake!

Silvan Lake’s annual summer festival is going to feature The Heartwicks this year!  Last years

attendance came in at 10,000 strong, and this year they are expecting up to 15,000.  Come on out

Aug 13, bring the family, and enjoy Alberta’s vacation town and some good music. 

July 1, 2012

                       ANALOGMAN Joins Forces With Jason Hofer

I’ve been a fan of Analogman pedals for quite some time.  They have that “Holy Grail” like

mystique among guitarist and the 1.5 year waitlist for their King Of Tone pedal testifies to that

fact.  Needless to say I was stoked when AnalogMike said he’d join forces with the addition of

two new pedals onto my board: the King Of Tone, and a Sunface Fuzz.  Check out Jason’s gear

page for more details and video’s on the pedals he’s endorsing. 

April 17, 2012

                       The Heartwicks Featured In The Calgary Herald

Check out the latest press as The Heartwicks CD Release made the Calgary Herald!!

Many thanks to everyone who came out on thursday to the CD release party despite all the

forces of nature!! 

April 2, 2012

         The Heartwicks Chosen To Perform At Calgary’s 4th Street Lilac Festival

Voted Calgary's best free festival, The Lilac Festival saw 125,000  participants in 2011. The

festival covers 13 blocks of 4th Street in Mission  and features live entertainment and over 500

vendors along the street. 2:00 May 27 on the X92.9 Beer Garden Stage 17 AVE!!

April’s Press Release out!!!


Feb 29, 2012

       The Heartwicks Shoot Up The Music Charts To #1 In Calgary, Canada as

                                 New CD Release Party Is Announced

Calgary, Canada  - Timing is everything and its working for The

Heartwicks. These indie pop rockers blew past other bands on the Indie

Charts just as their “Black EP” album release party is announced for

April 12 at Broken City.

“If  the White Stripes joined The Clash and David Bowie dove into the

mix, you'd have The Heartwicks. Jason Hofer is the dynamic front-man

with a original voice that lingers in your mind. His roaring riffs

pull you out of your chair,” said Stephanie DeGraw, The Music Scene TV

director. “The tight keyboards and spot-on drummer amplify the retro

cool vibe.”

The Heartwicks were invited to make an appearance on The Music Scene

which  is carried on Comcast Cable in America. This summer they will

be on tour promoting their new album. The band was discovered when the

producers of the show noticed they had jumped to the top of the

Calgary Indie Chart on

The band was featured on the Center Of Gravity music festival

alongside Dragonette, The Latency, Faber Drive, and Naughty By Nature

when touring in Alberta and British Colombia in 2010.

Another fan of the band is Robert Sounders, a London music executive

who said,  “I believe their material is of a high standard ... in

particular, I enjoyed listening to their single “The Merchant”.

Some of the music influences on the band include; The Black Keys, The

Doors, Pink Floyd and Kings of Leon.  The band consists of  Jason

Hofer who mans vocals  and guitars. Tenessa Hofer plays  synth, piano,

bass organ and David Espinel handles the drums.

The “Black EP”on Itunes, CD Baby and at For

bookings contact Power Media Entertainment 801-638-9410



For photos and videos:

Power Media Entertainment - 801-638-9410


Jason Hofer:

Jan 13, 2012

                                             CD’S ARE IN!!!

We are selling them for $5.00 each.   Contact to reserve a copy.

If you prefer an mp3 or wav file click on Bandcamp or iTunes for secure downloading.

Stay tuned for a CD release concert in early April!

We are booking live shows again, so it you would like to see The Heartwicks play at a venue

near you contact

bookings at:  or by phone: 403-975-1979

Special thanks to Andrew at Morning Shade Music Photography for coming to calgary and

taking the band


You can check out his website at the following link.